Funko Pop! What If? Marvel Series Figures: Pre-Order & Buy Now

The Marvel comic series What If? debuted in 1977. The series explores stories and events as they may have occurred in different timelines. The new animated series What If? will debut on Disney+ in August 2021 and tell stories taking place in alternate timelines to the main MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). 

The popular Funko Pop bobblehead toy series is offering a fun selection of figures inspired by the upcoming animated series. Beware spoilers below, as we feature these upcoming and brand new release collectible toys from Funko.

Captain Carter Funko Pop!: What If?

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This is a figure of Agent Peggy Carter as Captain Carter. The figure is dressed like a British version of Captain America, complete with logo breastplate and round shield with logo. This Cap stands with one foot raised on a small rock. Pre-order this figure, which comes out in September, so you don't miss out on this fabulous alternative reality bobblehead figure.

King Killmonger Funko Pop!: What If?

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This collectible Funko Pop! release was a Target exclusive, so expect to pay a premium price for this limited edition bobblehead figure. Supervillain and T'Challa rival Erik Killmonger appears to be wearing Black Panther's outfit -- what in the world is going on with this What If? series!? 

Doctor Strange Supreme Funko Pop!: What If?

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Dr. Strange appears here about to perform some Chaos Magic. He hovers and, when placed in his diplay stand, appears to be floating in mid-air. 

Black Panther T'Challa Star-Lord Funko Pop!: What If?

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This dynamic figure appears to be flying; place T'Challa Star-Lord on his stand for a dynamic display. The figure looks like a mash-up of the famous Black Panther alter-ego and the goofy space hero Star-Lord. This figure will be released in September but you can pre-order now to ensure delivery. 

Gamora, Daughter of Thanos Funko Pop!: What If?

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This stylized Funko Pop figure of Gamora features the green-skinned character standing while holding a large silver weapon. This is an upcoming figure to be released in September; pre-order today to make sure you'll be able to add this collectible figure to your stash.

The Hydra Stomper Funko Pop!: What If?

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Pre-order this figure of the Hydra Stomper in Funko Pop! bobblehead form. The collectible figure will be released on August 14th. This figure is inspired by an armor designed by Howard Stark, Tony's father, and used by Steve Rogers.

Captain Carter and the Hydra Stomper Funko Pop!

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What happens when two What If? characters team up in bobblehead form? You get this awesome Amazon exclusive collectible set of figures from Funko Pop! 

Marvel's The Defenders Funko POP Figures

Funko POP figures are cute small vinyl toy figures with oversized bobbling heads, kawaii-style eyes, and fun authentic details. Here are some figures based on the superheroes of Marvel's The Defenders series' -- Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist.

Doctor Strange Funko Pop Figures

These fun little bobblehead figures are inspired by Marvel's hit property Dr. Strange. Iconic characters featured in the comics and blockbuster film are ripe for the fun and exaggerated style of Funko Pop bobbleheads. Collect the whole set!

Puzzle: Marvel Funko Pop Character Madness!

If you're a fan of Marvel characters and collectible Funko Pop figures, you'll love this image. If you're ALSO a fan of jigsaw puzzles, you need this affordable collage puzzle right now!

Peter Parker Dutch Jersey Homecoming Funko Pop!

This fun Funko Pop bobblehead figure features Spider-Man alter ego Peter Parker as he appeared in the jail in the Netherlands. The figure is a fun collectible for fans of the movie and the Marvel Cinematic Universe in general.