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Marvel's Spider-Man | Cartoon Spidey Upside Down iPhone 13 Case – Check out this cool cartoon Spider-Man hanging upside down while looking at his cell phone! View on Zazzle
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Pillow Buddies are large, soft pillow toys, usually in the shape of a character, that offer support and comfort. The plush toys can act as pillows or just something to hug or lean on, in bed or while relaxing.

Because the pillows are often in the shape of a (person) character, they can also be used as toy action figures. Their large size makes them fun for creative and interactive playtime.

These Pillow Buddies are all inspired by Marvel characters, and make great gifts for fans of the various Marvel heroes, comic book stories, and movies.

Iron Man Pillow Buddy 20" Plush Character Toy

Found on Amazon – See more in Iron Man Action Figures

This Iron Man Pillow Buddy measures 20" tall, making it a great toy and bedtime buddy for children. The red and yellow figure features Tony Stark's hero alter-ego in his full titular armor outfit.

Black Panther Pillow Buddy 22"

Found on Amazon – See more in Black Panther Action Figures

Play with Black Panther by day, and snuggle with T'Challa by night. This plush figure measures 20" long. This makes a fun gift idea for fans of Black Panther!

Incredible Hulk Pillow Buddy 23" Plush Character Toy

Found on Amazon – See more in The Hulk Action Figures

Snuggle with the big green guy when you get this Hulk Pillow Buddy. The Hulk is in his full green glory with this fun plush toy figure that measures 23" long. 

Classic Style Spider-man Pillow Buddy 20"

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Snuggle with Spidey or play with the plush superhero toy, that measures a big 20" long. This fun Pillow Buddy toy is perfect for the young Spider-man fan in your life!

Captain America Pillow Buddy 19" & Pillowcases Bundle

Found on Amazon – See more in Captain America Action Figures

This plush oversized Captain America figure measures about 19" long. Cap wears his iconic red, white, and blue outfit, including his helmet, and he holds his famous round shield. This Captain America toy comes bundled with a set of Marvel Avengers pillowcases. 

Gwne the Ghost Spider - Spidey and His Amazing Friends Pillow Buddy

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Gwen from the Spiderverse is featured here in cute jumbo pillow form. The character wears her iconic and recognizable pale Spidey outfit.