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List of Baby Groot Funko Pop Figures

If you can't get enough of baby Groot, check out these awesome and totally cute Funko Pop figures of the character.

1 Happy Smiling Baby Groot Funko Pop

Found on Amazon

This cute figure is #202. Groot looks happy, like he's ready to dance. This figure is part of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 series.

Gold Chrome Baby Groot in Pot Funko Pop Figure

Found on Amazon

This limited collectible Gold Chrome series figure of Groot features the character as a baby, in a pot. Baby Groot has a happy smile on his face.

2 Joyful Baby Groot With Cyber Eye Bobblehead

Found on Amazon

This Funko Pop figure of baby Groot has the little guy holding a cyber eye! He looks so happy with his morbid little prop! This is figure #280, also from Vol. 2.

Venomized Young Groot Funko Pop Figure

Found on Amazon

This mashup features toddler Groot becoming Venomized! The collectible bobblehead looks great with details from both characters.

3 Happy Baby Groot Bobblehead Toy with Mixtape

Found on Amazon

Baby Groot looks happy with his tunes! This cute figure, #260, is a collectible from Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Groot is holding a mixtape just about as big as him!

4 Action Baby Groot Funko Pop With Stormbreaker

Found on Amazon

This cute bobblehead figure of baby Groot has the character ready for action. He holds Thor's weapon Stormbreaker. This is figure #416, from Avengers Infinity War.

5 Happy Dancing Baby Groot Funko Pop

Found on Amazon

Baby Groot dances in a plant pot that reads "I am Groot". He's happy. This figure is number 65 and is from the first Guardians movie.

6 Gamer Groot Grumpy Teen Funko Pop Figure

Found on Amazon

Groot wears a headset, holds a game joystick, and has a grumpy look on his face!

Happy Christmas Baby Groot Funko Pop Figure

Found on Amazon

Baby Groot sits in a green pot decorated with a red ribbon for Christmas. He holds glass ornaments and is wrapped with holiday lights.

Fun List: Guardians of the Galaxy Costumes for Kids

The characters of Guardians of the Galaxy remain popular in our culture. The gang has two films of their own are an important part of the MCU, featuring in both Infinity War and Endgame. Their third title installment is expected to hit theaters in 2023. The fun adventure franchise within a franchise is full of wild characters with wildly different, iconic, crazy looks. Let your kid pick out their favorite character to dress up as for Halloween, or gather a bunch of kids together for an epic superhero group costume. Here are some Guardians of the Galaxy costumes to pick from.

1 Complete Star-Lord Costume for Kids

Found on Amazon

This Star-Lord / Peter Quill costume comes with a muscle-look full-body jumpsuit that has attached shoe-tops. You'll also get a Star-Lord mask. A thrift-store personal cassette player would be a great accessory.

2 Guardians of the Galaxy Kid's Gamora Costume

Found on Amazon

This costume comes with everything you need to dress up as Gamora! You'll even get some green make-up! The costume itself is a jumpsuit which has attached coat and boot-tops.

3 Guardian Rocket Raccoon Halloween Costume

Found on Amazon

Be the most famous trash panda in the universe for Halloween with this awesome Rocket Raccoon costume. You'll get a full-body jumpsuit with fuzzy raccoon fur sleeves and a Rocket mask. Just add sarcasm to complete the look.

4 Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy Kid's Costume

Found on Amazon

This fun hero costume comes with a Drax tattoo-and-muscle-look jumpsuit with printed boot tops. You'll also get the Drax mask. Just speak simply and you'll be good to go as Drax!

5 Not Baby Groot Child-Size Costume

Found on Amazon

You are Groot when you put on this fun and detailed costume based on the tree-like creature with the limited vocabulary. This is a full-body jumpsuit with attached shoe-covers and an awesome Groot mask.

6 Guardians of the Galaxy Yondu Costume

Found on Amazon

You won't need to wear blue face paint with this fun and complete Yondu costume for kids that comes complete with a mask. The jumpsuit covers you from top to toe.

Marvel Universe Full Size Movie Posters

One-sheet movie posters are typically used in cinema display cases to advertise upcoming and current titles. One-sheets measure about 27" by 40" and are easy to find frames for. Marvel fans will love having original theatrical movie posters of their favorite films. Here are some great ones to choose from:

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Theatrical Poster

Found on Amazon – See more in Shang-Chi

The hit of summer 2021 is featured here in awesome style. Main characters from the Asian superhero epic are arranged in a dynamic style, including the exciting fight over the rings between Shang-Chi and his father Wenwu.

Black Widow Two-Sided Theatrical Poster

Found on Amazon – See more in Black Widow Posters

This awesome photographic movie poster has a fun red and white hourglass motif background, reminiscent of Black Widow's classic icon. Scarlett Johansson is featured ready for battle with other characters arranged dynamically.

1 Iron Man Original 2-Sided Poster

Found on Amazon – See more in Iron Man Posters

This studio-issued poster features sharp art and images of key players including Robert Downey Jr., Terrence Howard, Jeff Bridges, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

2 Coming Soon: The Incredible Hulk 2008

Found on Amazon – See more in Hulk

This authentic double-sided poster features an image of star Edward Norton against a backdrop of the Hulk.

Captain Marvel Theatrical Movie Poster

Found on Amazon

Brie Larson is featured in dynamic bright light energy on this theatrical poster for Captain Marvel. The image is backed by a stylized version of her logo.

3 Collectible Iron Man 2 Theatrical Poster

Found on Amazon – See more in Iron Man Posters

This "coming soon" poster features key players including Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Scarlett Johansson, and Don Cheadle.

4 Original Poster from First Thor Film

Found on Amazon – See more in Thor

This stylized poster features the faces of several of Thor's stars, with Chris Hemsworth as the title character large in the center.

5 Captain America: The First Avenger Poster

Found on Amazon – See more in Captain America Posters & Prints

This is an original double-sided theatrical poster for the first Captain America movie. It features a dynamic image of several characters from the action film.

6 Marvel's The Avengers 27 x 40 Movie Poster

Found on Amazon – See more in The Avengers Posters

All of the Avengers characters are assembled together in this collectible poster. Iron Man and Thor feature prominently.

7 Two-Sided Theatrical Poster: Iron Man 3

Found on Amazon – See more in Iron Man Posters

Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark in his Iron Man suit is the featured image in this great collectible poster.

8 Thor: The Dark World Original Movie Poster

Found on Amazon – See more in Thor

This poster for the second Thor movie features a stylized, dramatic image with characters from the action super-hero film.

9 Captain America: The Winter Soldier Poster

Found on Amazon – See more in Captain America Posters & Prints

This teaser-style poster features an image of the super hero in partial silhouette with the simple date of 2014 printed under the movie title.

10 Guardians of the Galaxy Collectible Poster

Found on Amazon – See more in Guardians of the Galaxy

This is an original theatrical 2-sided movie poster for the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie, starring Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana.

11 Avengers: Age of Ultron Original Poster

Found on Amazon – See more in The Avengers Posters

This poster for the second theatrical Avengers movie features all of the characters in a dynamic stylized scene.

12 Original Theatrical Ant-Man Ad Poster 27x40

Found on Amazon – See more in Ant-Man

This is an original two-sided movie poster for the first Ant-Man movie. Stars of the movie are featured around an image of the Ant-Man uniform.

13 Captain America: Civil War Original Poster

Found on Amazon – See more in Captain America Posters & Prints

Captain America and Iron Man face off with their own armies behind them in this exciting original two-sided movie poster for Civil War.

Iron Man "Design a Vinyl" Creative 3D Coloring Craft

Funko Pop! What If? Marvel Series Figures: Pre-Order & Buy Now

The Marvel comic series What If? debuted in 1977. The series explores stories and events as they may have occurred in different timelines. The new animated series What If? will debut on Disney+ in August 2021 and tell stories taking place in alternate timelines to the main MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). 

The popular Funko Pop bobblehead toy series is offering a fun selection of figures inspired by the upcoming animated series. Beware spoilers below, as we feature these upcoming and brand new release collectible toys from Funko.

Captain Carter Funko Pop!: What If?

Found on Amazon

This is a figure of Agent Peggy Carter as Captain Carter. The figure is dressed like a British version of Captain America, complete with logo breastplate and round shield with logo. This Cap stands with one foot raised on a small rock. Pre-order this figure, which comes out in September, so you don't miss out on this fabulous alternative reality bobblehead figure.

King Killmonger Funko Pop!: What If?

Found on Amazon

This collectible Funko Pop! release was a Target exclusive, so expect to pay a premium price for this limited edition bobblehead figure. Supervillain and T'Challa rival Erik Killmonger appears to be wearing Black Panther's outfit -- what in the world is going on with this What If? series!? 

Doctor Strange Supreme Funko Pop!: What If?

Found on Amazon

Dr. Strange appears here about to perform some Chaos Magic. He hovers and, when placed in his diplay stand, appears to be floating in mid-air. 

Black Panther T'Challa Star-Lord Funko Pop!: What If?

Found on Amazon

This dynamic figure appears to be flying; place T'Challa Star-Lord on his stand for a dynamic display. The figure looks like a mash-up of the famous Black Panther alter-ego and the goofy space hero Star-Lord. This figure will be released in September but you can pre-order now to ensure delivery. 

Gamora, Daughter of Thanos Funko Pop!: What If?

Found on Amazon

This stylized Funko Pop figure of Gamora features the green-skinned character standing while holding a large silver weapon. This is an upcoming figure to be released in September; pre-order today to make sure you'll be able to add this collectible figure to your stash.

The Hydra Stomper Funko Pop!: What If?

Found on Amazon

Pre-order this figure of the Hydra Stomper in Funko Pop! bobblehead form. The collectible figure will be released on August 14th. This figure is inspired by an armor designed by Howard Stark, Tony's father, and used by Steve Rogers.

Captain Carter and the Hydra Stomper Funko Pop!

Found on Amazon

What happens when two What If? characters team up in bobblehead form? You get this awesome Amazon exclusive collectible set of figures from Funko Pop! 

Big Marvel Character Pillow Buddies for Play and Comfort

Pillow Buddies are large, soft pillow toys, usually in the shape of a character, that offer support and comfort. The plush toys can act as pillows or just something to hug or lean on, in bed or while relaxing.

Because the pillows are often in the shape of a (person) character, they can also be used as toy action figures. Their large size makes them fun for creative and interactive playtime.

These Pillow Buddies are all inspired by Marvel characters, and make great gifts for fans of the various Marvel heroes, comic book stories, and movies.

Iron Man Pillow Buddy 20" Plush Character Toy

Found on Amazon – See more in Iron Man Action Figures

This Iron Man Pillow Buddy measures 20" tall, making it a great toy and bedtime buddy for children. The red and yellow figure features Tony Stark's hero alter-ego in his full titular armor outfit.

Black Panther Pillow Buddy 22" & Hamper Bundle

Found on Amazon – See more in Black Panther Action Figures

Play with Black Panther by day, and snuggle with T'Challa by night. This plush figure measures 22" long and comes bundled with a lightweight pop-up Avengers hamper. This set makes a fun gift idea that includes a practical and fun item along with the Black Panther toy.

Incredible Hulk Pillow Buddy 23" Plush Character Toy

Found on Amazon – See more in The Hulk Action Figures

Snuggle with the big green guy when you get this Hulk Pillow Buddy. The Hulk is in his full green glory with this fun plush toy figure that measures 23" long. 

Spiderman Pillow Buddy 26" & Hamper Bundle

Found on Amazon – See more in Spider-Man Action Figures

Snuggle with Spidey or play with the plush superhero toy, that measures a big 26" long. This fun Pillow Buddy toy comes bundled with a pop-up hamper. Get this fun toy-hamper bundle for the young Spiderman fan in your life!

Rocket Raccoon Pillow Buddy 24" Plush Character Toy

Cuddle with the fuzzy curmudgeon from Guardians of the Galaxy when you get this awesome Rocket Raccoon Pillow Buddy figure. His 24" size makes this trash panda toy a perfect snuggle pillow toy.

Captain America Pillow Buddy 19" & Pillowcases Bundle

Found on Amazon – See more in Captain America Action Figures

This plush oversized Captain America figure measures about 19" long. Cap wears his iconic red, white, and blue outfit, including his helmet, and he holds his famous round shield. This Captain America toy comes bundled with a set of Marvel Avengers pillowcases. 

Miss Minutes Merch for Loki Fans

One of the most fun new characters from the Loki series on Disney+ is the Miss Manners, the animated clock that serves as the mascot for the TVA (Time Variance Authority). The walking and talking clock gives instructions and advice in a hilariously cheerful manner. Find new merch featuring this funny anthropomorphic clock character.

Miss Minutes "Hey Y'all" Funny Loki Fan T-Shirt

Found on Amazon

Miss Minutes looks like a very happy slice of orange on this graphic t-shirt for Loki fans. She walks and smiles, strolling under the slogan "Hey Y'all!" One of the funniest things about Miss Minutes is her casual southern drawl accent. Get this bold orange graphic on black as shown, or pick it up in white or brown. The design is slightly distressed for a classic Loki vintage look.

Ravonna with Miss Minutes Funko Pop

Found on Amazon

This is a pre-order item that is sure to be a hot seller. Ravonna Renslayer acts as a judge in the series, but I think the big draw in this Funko Pop set will be the mini Miss Minutes figure. Pre-order to insure they'll both be yours when the set is released in September.

Miss Minutes Wall Clock

Found on Amazon

What better merchandising for Miss Minutes than to turn her into a bright orange wall clock? This battery operated clock includes a small mounting hole in the back for easy installation. The clock includes the TVA slogan at the top: "FOR ALL TIME. ALWAYS". 

Vintage Style Miss Minutes Throw Pillow

Found on Zazzle

Add Miss Minutes and the MCU to your home decor with this stylish old-fashioned throw pillow. The black and white image is perfect for when the character's bright orange is too much for your decor. The overall image is distressed to give it a vintage, authentic Loki series look. Miss Minutes says "WOO-DOGGY!" and the design is captioned with the character's name and TVA slogan. Available on Zazzle, this unique design can be found on dozens of different products and gift ideas, including apparel, totes bags, stickers, drinkware, and more.

Diamond Paintings: Cute, Fun, Easy Craft for Marvel Fans