Awesome Ceramic Marvel Character Mask and Face Mugs

Treat yourself or your favorite Marvel fan to a cool character ceramic mug. These fun character mugs are sculpted to look like characters from the MCU, Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Rocket Raccoon Ceramic Funko Pop Mug

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The talking trash panda's face is in totally cute form on this unique ceramic mug. This is perfect for fans of Guardians of the Galaxy. This darling raccoon character mug design is inspired by the Funko Pop bobblehead style of character figures, featuring exaggerated cute faces. 

Deadpool Weapon Holding Ceramic Mug

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This bright red mug has Deadpool's exaggerated mask feature: his boldly outlined eyes. Ryan Reynold's awesome anti-hero character looks great in mug form. This one uses a molded ceramic arm holding a weapon to make the handle of the mug.

Iron Man Funko Pop Home Ceramic Mug

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Get this fun character 12oz mug inspired by Iron Man. The red and yellow mug has exaggerated large white eyes in the typical Funko Pop style.

Black Panther Face Mask Black Ceramic Mug

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Pick up this awesome character mug featuring the iconic black full face mask style of Black Panther. The mask's ears rise above the rim of the mug, making it an interesting profile.

Marvel Avengers Endgame Thanos Sculpted Ceramic Mug

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The Mad Titan is featured here in sculpted ceramic mug form! The purple character face wears his iconic blue and yellow helmet. Thanos has an evil look on his face. This one is great for use or display.

Unfortunately this product is no longer available on Amazon

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