List: Awesome Marvel Avengers Life-Size Standups

Bring your favorite Avengers characters home with you -- check out these awesome life-sized hard cardboard standees. Standees can feature cartoon characters and lifelike photographic images. Whether you're a fan of Marvel comic books or the MCU, you can find a great stand-up poster to suit your needs!

These Avengers character stand-up posters are great for back-to-school dorm room swag or fan room decor. Use these Marvel cutouts for fun photo ops at a sci-fi themed party or event.

1 Cartoon Captain America Cardboard Cut Out

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This cartoon Captain America is about 74" tall. He poses in a bold hero stance. The colorful illustrated character wears his iconic superhero costume, including partial face mask. His iconic shield is held in front of his body.

2 Animated Style Iron Man Cardboard Standee

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Iron Man holds his hand out, ready to deliver a painful blow. The character also appears to levitate, with power coming out of his heels. This figure is about 75" tall.

7 Party Thor from What If...? Cardboard Stand-up

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Here Thor looks ready for a fight! Or is he ready to party? This is Thor as he appeared in the popular animated series What If...? This Thor measures about 76" tall.

3 Sam Wilson Captain America Photo Cardboard Cutout

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This cardboard standee features a photographic image of Anthony Mackie, former Falcon, as Sam Wilson dressed in his Captain America uniform. This Captain America figure measures about 72" tall.

4 Black Widow Life-sized Cardboard Standup

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Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow, as she appeared in her title film, jumps in an action pose, ready to fight! She wields two whip-like weapons in her snow white battle outfit. This life-sized standup measures about 60" tall.

5 Ant-Man Life-sized Hard Stand-up Poster

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Ant-Man in cartoon style is shown here ready for a fight. He's poised standing in full costume. Ant-Man measures 69" tall so this is human-size rather than ant-size.

8 Super Creepy Zombie Captain America from What If...?

Found on Amazon – See more in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Oh my goodness, this is a scary life-size cardboard cut-out, even if it's a cartoon character! This is zombie Captain America as he appeared in What If...? This would make excellent Halloween decor or is perfect for fans of animated Marvel. The crouching cardboard figure is about 47" tall.

6 Hawkeye from New TV Series Cardboard Cutout

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Here Jeremy Renner appears as the character Hawkeye as he'll be seen in his upcoming stand-alone show on Disney+. Hawkeye is holding his bow, ready to shoot an arrow at an enemy. With the bow this cutout is about 74" tall.

10 Cartoon Black Panther Life-sized Poster Cutout

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Roar! Black Panther looks ready for a fight. The character appears in fierce cartoon style and stands 74" tall.

9 Captain Carter Cardboard Cutout Standee

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Captain Carter as she appeared in What If...? is featured here in near life-size form. The cartoon-illustrated figure of the female superhero measures about 70" tall.

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