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Peter Parker Dutch Jersey Homecoming Funko Pop!

Posted on 27 November 2019 in Spider-Man Action Figures

This fun Funko Pop bobblehead figure features Spider-Man alter ego Peter Parker as he appeared in the jail in the Netherlands. The figure is a fun collectible for fans of the movie and the Marvel Cinematic Universe in general.

This unique Spider-Man figure has our hero wearing an orange Dutch soccer team fan jersey. In Homecoming, Peter Parker finds himself in a jail cell in the small Dutch town of Broek op Langedijk. His friendly cellmates loan him the KNVB (Royal Dutch Football Association) jersey and he ends up wearing it outside after he escapes the cell.

This darling bobblehead figure of Spider-Man shows the character out of his superhero outfit and in an orange Dutch soccer fan top. The logo on the shirt is a lion, illustrated with an oversized head, just like the Funko Pop figures themselves. This collectible Spider-Man figure is an exclusive!

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