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10 Awesome Marvel Avengers Life-size Standups

Posted on 6 April 2016 in Top Lists

Bring your favorite Avengers characters home with you -- check out these awesome life-sized hard cardboard standees.

These Avengers character stand-up posters are great for back-to-school dorm room swag or fan room decor. Use these Marvel cutouts for fun photo ops at a sci-fi themed party or event.

2Fighting Iron Man from Civil War Standee

Found in Iron Man
Iron Man looks ready to come at Captain America as each character fights for what he thinks is the right thing to do. Iron Man measures 76" tall.

3Hulkbuster Iron Man from Ultron Cutout

Found in Iron Man
This is a fun, massive character stand-up featuring Iron Man in Hulkbuster armor. He's ready to take on the Hulk and measures 71" tall and 56" wide.

4Black Widow Life-sized Cardboard Standup

Found in Black Widow
Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow stands ready for battle! Wielding weapons and poised to fight, this life-sized standup measures 65" tall.

5Ant-Man Life-sized Hard Stand-up Poster

Found in Ant-Man
Ant-Man as he appeared in Captain America: Civil War is shown here ready for a fight. He's poised in a semi-crouching position with his fists clenched. Ant-Man measures 68" tall so this is human-size rather than ant-size.

6Hawkeye from Age of Ultron Cardboard Cutout

Here Jeremy Renner appears as the character Hawkeye as he was in Age of Ultron. Hawkeye is holding his bow, ready to shoot an arrow at an enemy. With the bow this cutout is relatively tall, measuring 88" tall.

7Thor from Age of Ultron Cardboard Stand-up

Found in Thor
Here Thor looks ready for a fight! Chris Hemsworth as Thor wears his iconic outfit complete with flowing cape and wields his mighty hammer.

8Avengers Boss Nick Fury Standup Figure

Samuel L. Jackson appears as Nick Fury, complete with signature black leather jacket and iconic eye-patch. Fury stands in profile with his hands on his hips and measures 75" in height.

9Avengers' Falcon Life-sized Standee

Anthony Mackie as Falcon appears in his uniform, though his wings are not extended. Falcon stands 70" tall.

10Black Panther Life-sized Poster Cutout

Roar! Black Panther looks ready to spring on the enemy. The character appears as he did in Civil War and stands 72" tall.

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